Local whisky comes of age. Time-honoured mastery with so much to savour before the first sip.

In the world of luxury spirits, creating a sense of status and scarcity are the secrets to success. Just Design specialises in packaging that conceptually elevates brands, adding value and desirability through meaningful embellishments and design storytelling that enhances the drinking experience. [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] Three Ships is a multi-awarded local brand that aims […]

Enterprise. When packaging design truly exemplifies ‘less is more’.

Like many of our South African heritage brands, Enterprise had followed a rather stable and fairly predictable visual path – up until last year, that is. With a change in ownership came a change in tack, and a total packaging makeover. [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] Like any new brief, we started with a thorough analysis […]

Status deodorant makes a bold statement with their new pack upgrade by Just Design Jhb.

Status deodorant has bravely leaped from safe, old and expected to trendy, young and authentically African. A bold move. And one that will change the South African deodorant category forever. [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] It’s always a tricky ask of a creative brief to dramatically shift a brand into a space that is both modern […]